What Makes us Different

Guidance was sought from outside engineers to improve machines, ensuring accuracy and precise specifications needed for each rope's feel and performance. Ken Bray (CEO), Craig Bray (Chief Operations Officer), George McQuain (Rope Production Manager), and Dallas Clay (Fiber Production Manager) were instrumental in the researching and testing behind the Classic Difference. Ropes are about feel, which is difficult to learn or teach. Classic uses a specific process to twist nylon and polyester fibers in various styles of construction and makeup, accommodating different needs for styles and performance. Craig, George and Dallas have been with Classic since the beginning and their expertise is invaluable. Here, you can watch George and Craig present the new NXT4 and NXT5 last year to our expectant pros. When it comes to making ropes, experience is key which is why we can trust our team to build the best ropes in the business. Each new product is tested in every climate and every situation to make necessary adjustments, ensuring performance in any season and at all levels of competition.

New high-technology fibers used in other textile industries were tested and implemented into Classic Rope designs. This gives ropes an enhanced "sweet spot" in the loop - making for an easier, faster, balanced, stable and smoother swing.

Our Production Process

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

People run it; makes the machines the most consistent on the market

Human Engineered

People direct it; uses human-directed drive gearboxes instead of conventional style

Operator Interface Terminal (OIT)

People adjust it; touchscreen allows the operator to adjust the rope tension by a simple touch of a button

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

People quality check; plays an important part in fine-tuning the machine

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

People run it, makes the machines the most consistent on the market

What can you Expect from a Classic Rope?

  • Classic ropes are CONSISTENT due to our CoreTech technology and seasonal adjustments, so weather is not a factor.
  • Classic ropes are made from scratch, start to finish, beginning with 100% raw fiber materials
  • Classic ropes are USA Proud, made in Stephenville, TX
  • Classic ropes are made-to-order, ensuring every rope you get from the store is “fresh”
  • Classic ropes are backed by over 30 years of rope-making expertise
  • Classic ropes are constantly evolving, and we will continue to strive to make better, faster, smoother ropes

Classic to the core

In 1998, the XR4 was introduced with the patented designed CoreTech Technology; the first nylon four-strand team rope with a core. The Powerline Lite, released in 2000, was the first polyester/nylon blended rope with a core. This release was followed by a series of new ropes, each one different from the next, not only by color but by material make and fiber blend. At our core, Classic vows that every new rope introduced will always be uniquely different from all others, fitting a specific need for feel and roping style.

Our Ropes with CoreTech