Classic Rope's first ever 5 strand team rope.

Incredible amount of body is packed in a small easy to handle diameter. Loop stays open even with the softest lays.

Translation: Smaller diameter=easy to handle. Lighter weight=easier to swing. So you can use a softer rope and still keep your loop open

For the Pro Header

Wide open loop and loop body that enables aggressive loop delivery. Smaller crowns in outer strands provides smooth surface for fast feed and quick delivery. Body keeps the loop wide open from delivery to target.

For the Pro Heeler

Lighter and easy to swing. Lots of body in the loop.

Pros using Spydr

Spring 2021

Aaron Tsinigine
Clay Logan
Dustin Bird
Jake Barnes
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Seasonal-all nylon construction.

Adapts to changing weather conditions.

Spydr Specifications

The Spydr5 is the next generation of CoreTech technology. Spydr packs more material in a smaller diameter for a feel like nothing else. With five strands of twisted nylon ingeniously engineered around an oversized core, the Spydr delivers the perfect balance of snap and tip weight to make it the ultimate trap for your prey.


30" Head 35" Heel
XX Soft / X Soft / Soft / Medium Soft Medium / Medium Soft
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